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How to Safely Download Any Song or Video You Want



There are many softwares out there that enable you to download music and videos off the internet. Popular Peer-to-peer software such as Limewire or WinMX were most commonly used in the past. Many people also look for files at torrent sites. However, it is VERY dangerous to download from these unknown sources. Some files may contain hidden viruses that can seriously harm your computer.


The safest way to download music and videos is to download from a secure, virus free source: YouTube.


You are now able to download mp3’s and videos direct from Youtube’s massive library. Youtube has a massive library of Japanese music videos which are uploaded by users in Japan. Even though we are extracting only the music from the Youtube videos, the sound quality is superb!

Here are the steps to start downloading your favorite music or videos:



1) Go to http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/


2) Click on “Download Free Studio” and download the software.


3) Install the software.



4) Open the “Free YouTube to MP3 converter” software (or ipod, iphone, or dvd depending on what you want), and at the same time open YouTube on your browser.



5) From YouTube, find and play the song you want to download. As the video is playing, right click and COPY the url.



6) Go back to the dvdvideosoft software, right click and PASTE the url into the “paste here” box.



7) Once you’ve chosen all the songs you want, choose the folder you want to download to and start downloading.



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Rank         Lesson JapanChord Review:
1 Rocket Japanese This is for International students who want to learn Japanese quick, starting from the basics. I always recommend this to my students because
it has: Audio and Video lessons, self-quizzes, and a dedicated forum with Japanese teachers always online to give my students support 24/7
2 Speak Japanese Fluently I recommend this for students who don't like studying from textbooks, but want to engage in Japanese conversation right away. If you're the type
that falls asleep right away when trying to read a textbook, I recommend this to you. Learning through conversation is a valid method of inputting Japanese into your brain
3 Nihongo Japanese Video Lesson This is for students who want to learn the "street level" or "real world" way of talking in Japanese, Often times, text book conversation methods and the 
real world conversation methods don't match. Avoid using dull textbook Japanese and start using real world Japanese with these lessons.
4 Japanese Proficiency Power I highly recommend this to my students who want to attend a public University in Japan. To be eligible to attend a university in Japan, the student needs a
Japanese proficiency level of 1 (5 being the lowest, 1 being the highest). This package is to assist the student in passing levels 5 & 4. This is a good starting point for
earning your education in Japan.




Japanchord.com is a site dedicated to spreading Japanese music internationally. All Japanese lyrics have been Romanized to the best of my ability to mimic the Japanese pronunciations. Learning Japanese songs is a great way to learn more about Japanese culture and also a great tool in learning the Japanese language.


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